Create an online course with Notion.

Use the tool you love to create beautiful interactive content on your own terms. All the power of a traditional course platform, built from your Notion docs.

Let's change the online course game for creators.

Built on top of Notion

Why leave the platform you love to do something else? Isn't the point of Notion that it can be used for pretty much anything?

Now you can create your course in the same place you organized all your notes for the course. Boom.

Customizable design

Don't want your course to actually look like Notion?

Kay. We can do that.

Automatic formatting of notes-to-course is a no-brainer, so we're building it.

Templates will be released consistently as well.


Ever looked at your typical course creation platforms?

$40 big ones minimum for base plans.

So what about all us creators who want to offer free courses?

And what about creators who don't have tons of cash right now?

Float makes it way cheaper.

More creators should be in a position to create.

Creators will be able access these features for:

So what's next?

We still don't have an official launch date, but it's soon.

But you can get on the waitlist RIGHT NOW.

You're on the list!

We'll reach out soon as we have an update on the product.